How to use RSS feeds

A short introduction to RSS and how you can effectively use feeds created on Versionfeeds.

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Can I try Versionfeeds Professional for free?

Yes! The first 2 weeks of Versionfeeds Professional are free of charge. You will only be charged after the trial phase. Please notice that the trial is available only once per user.

The checkout displays a higher amount to pay than advertised on this page...

That is correct, because your local VAT is added during the checkout and not included in the price.

Do you offer discounts?

At the moment, no. If you think we should offer you a discount, contact us via email.

I would like to cancel my subscription. What happens after that?

First of all, all Professional features will remain active for your current billing period. If you created more than 3 feeds, only the first 3 created feeds will continue to work. All other ones will be locked and can only be viewed or deleted until you subscribe to Professional again.

I have more questions or a problem. How can I contact you?

Feel free to drop us a line to [email protected] and we will get back shortly.



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  • 25 Applications per Feed
  • Feeds updated daily
  • Basic support
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  • Unlimited Feeds
  • Unlimited Applications per Feed
  • Feeds updated twice a day
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